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Bertrand Weber

Director, Culinary and Wellness Services
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Minneapolis Public Schools

Bertrand Weber’s career spans over 40 years of combined management experience in the hospitality industry and school food service. 

Trained in hotel management, Bertrand has managed some of the finest hotels and resorts on the east coast. His compassion for the well-being and future of our children and our environment led Bertrand to the Hopkins School District, Minnesota in 2003.     

Bertrand‘s progressive thinking at Hopkins received national recognition. His efforts were the focus of several University of Minnesota research papers.  In 2004 he initiated one of Minnesota first Farm to School Program which led to another research paper in 2005 “Making the Farm to School Connection”  

Currently he is the Director for Minneapolis Public School Culinary and Wellness Services since January 2012.  Bertrand initiated rethinking MPS School Lunch in 2013,   Market Cart Salad Bars have been introduced in every schools, all 7 high schools, 5 Junior High Schools and 40 elementary schools have returned to scratch cooking with 3 more scheduled for the 2023-2024 school year.  MPS is on the leading edge of the Farm to School movement contracting forward with over 14 local farms.  Bertrand introduced MN Thursday which features lunch sourced 100% from Minnesota,  launched the Plant Protein challenge Initiative and The True Food no Waste Action Plan.   

Bertrand has served as the lead District of School Food Focus Midwest, Chair of SNA Major City Committee Chair an Advisory Board Member of the National Farm to School Network and SNA Professional Development Committee. Currently Bertrand participates as a member of IFMA K-12 Leadership Council, Chef Ann Foundation Lunch Box, School Nutrition Culinary Institute Advisory Board and is a founding member of ScratchWorks.   


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