General Session Speaker

Jim Green


Jim Green & Associates


Widely recognized as an authority in the complex foodservice ecosystem of interrelated/interdependent participants, Jim Green’s career spans 4 decades of helping its participants navigate the intricacies.  His work engages operators, manufacturers and all those between them who are vested in foodservice and the operators success.  A key area of focus over the decades has been the operator community, with a particular passion for those in on-premise segments: convening groups to explore their most pressing challenges and opportunities, then guiding them in the creation of impactful strategy. Jim’s unique brand of strategic planning, developed for and proven in foodservice, invariably leads to optimizing relationships with manufacturers and other channel participants.  Most recently he helped form and is coordinating the efforts of the Sustainability Leadership Team: on-premise operators from Elementary & Secondary, College & University, Business & Industry and Healthcare.  This self-direct team, which has been meeting monthly since January 2023, is committed to making a difference in Sustainability.