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Alexandra Ceribelli

Chef Manager
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Harvest IFNH, Rutgers University

Chef Alexandra Ceribelli is a distinguished expert and educator in operational sustainability within non-commercial food service operations and restaurants. Currently serving as the head chef and manager of Harvest at Rutgers University, housed in the University’s Institute of Food, Nutrition, and Health, she brings a wealth of experience spanning nineteen years in the culinary field.

Throughout her career, Chef Ceribelli has been driven by a central inspiration: to address the inherent contradictions within our food system and restaurant environments. She recognizes that while food is considered medicine, it also plays a significant role in numerous public health crises. With over 40% of greenhouse gas emissions attributed to our food system, and one-third of all food produced going to waste, coupled with one in nine people experiencing food insecurity, the complexities of these issues can feel overwhelming.

Confronting these challenges directly, Chef Ceribelli is pioneering kitchen spaces that are adaptable to volatile food markets and climate change. She approaches environmental sustainability and public health with a delicious twist through her innovative, globally inspired menus, and non-traditional methods of staff training. Her vision is to create kitchens of the future that are flexible in response to our evolving world, mitigating the harmful effects of the industry.

Previously, Chef Ceribelli served as a Food Systems instructor and the innovator behind The Menus of Change Kitchen at the Culinary Institute of America until the spring of 2022. Her diverse career has taken her from Michelin-starred restaurants to scientific research vessels in the Arctic Circle, and supporting unhoused women and children in West Philadelphia, showcasing her commitment to transformative culinary practices across various settings.

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