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Jeffrey Quasha

Senior Director of Culinary Innovation
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Morrison Healthcare

Over the past 12 years Chef Jeffrey Quasha has led the charge of changing the perception of healthcare food service and removing the stigma of the hospital food by creating “great food first!” Chef Quasha and his team have developed over 80 pop up food hall concepts, 16 fast casual restaurants and QSR’s, developed and launched virtual and ghost kitchens in over 1,000 hospitals across the United States. Under the direction of Chef Quasha Morrison Healthcare has become a leader in the Healthcare retail industry and a driver of retail innovation, culinary trends and product development. In 2023 Chef Quasha and his team were tasked with reinventing patient feeding and elevating the perception of healthcare food service. Chef Quasha team is currently piloting new patient restaurant style menus, plant-based menus, new oncology and pediatric programs and recently launched patient monthly holiday promotions and LTO’s. Chef Quasha also leads MHC wellness and sustainability recipe and concept development programs, new concept construction and design, and is leading the charge to bring new on trend teaching kitchen programs to partner hospitals across the country. Jeffrey and his team have earned top honors from Food Management Magazine Best Concepts, Business Intelligence Group Global Sustainability Awards, and Flavor on the Menu. Chef Quasha is a member of the Compass Global Culinary Leadership Council and the head of the Compass Global Sustainability Council. 
Jeffrey has also been an active supporter and culinary certification board member of Health Meets Food Culinary Medicine, Savannah Technical College, Chapter President of the Chefs of the Low Country, and active community member in the battle against Blood cancer. He is also a National Board member of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation which evaluates all aspects of culinary school programs from secondary, to post-secondary, to certification. 
Jeffrey Quasha is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC), Certified Culinary Administrator (CCA) Approved Culinary Evaluator (ACE) and a member of the American Academy of Chefs (AAC). 

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