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Chef Ian Ramirez

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Mad Honey Culinary Studio

Ian Ramirez, with over two decades of culinary expertise spanning fine dining, retail, corporate dining, conference centers, and catering, is the founder of Mad Honey Culinary Studio and co-owner of Mad Honey Imports. His studio acts as a collaborative hub where he and his team create innovative flavors, menus, and concepts for both commercial and non-commercial sectors. Ian's breadth of experience includes collaborations with restaurant chains, food contract management companies, marketing agencies, food and beverage brands, and commodity boards, all of which feed his passion for culinary innovation. Mad Honey Culinary Studio embodies Ian's dedication to advancing the culinary arts and crafting exceptional experiences and strategies. His Mad Honey Imports side of the business brings in unique products from around the globe to North America and continues to be in search of what the next big culinary ingredients are.

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