Molly McGrath

Director of Operations, All Day Kitchens

Molly is the Director of Operations at All Day Kitchens, a food tech and logistics company focused on building the first distributed restaurant platform. Her team leads all aspects of operations and includes experts in culinary, training, supply chain, and field operations. The entire group supports great local restaurants by providing services to expand their reach in delivery and pick up.

Molly is a classically trained chef with a career-long passion for food, innovation, and the special place where the two intersect. Prior to joining All Day Kitchens, she worked to support many different high-growth restaurant concepts in roles ranging from operational strategy to culinary R&D and supply chain.

A Chicago native, Molly holds a degree in Communications from Northwestern University as well as a culinary degree from The Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park. Her favorite late night snack is Mt. Tam cheese.

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