Tuesday, October 10 7:45am – 11:00am

Registration & Information Desk

Location: Archie M. Griffin - East Foyer
Tuesday, October 10 8:00am – 9:00am

Networking Breakfast

Location: Archie M. Griffin-West
Tuesday, October 10 9:00am – 10:45am

General Session

Location: Archie M. Griffin-West
Savoring South Asia - From Street Foods to Royal Feasts

Come join us for a session that is sure to awaken your senses and broaden your cultural horizons. Together we will uncover the magic and health benefits of exotic spices. A spotlight on some popular and iconic South Asian dishes will debunk some common misconceptions, revealing the true diversity, richness and, above all, accessibility of this delectable culinary tradition.


Chief Product & Wellbeing Officer
Choolaah Indian BBQ

Presented By:
Choolaah Indian BBQ
Workplace Culture: How Smart Restaurants Are Nabbing and Keeping Your Potential Hires

What’s the secret sauce that draws potential hires to a job at a streetside restaurant instead of a position within your organization? Peter Romeo, labor reporter for Restaurant Business magazine, shares the strategies and tactics that are enabling savvy restaurant operators to recruit and retain staff that might otherwise be yours.


Editor-at-Large and Vice President of Content Innovation
Restaurant Business

Insights From Your Future Workforce

With the ongoing labor challenge, how can your operation attract and retain top talent? In this lively panel discussion, three graduating students from Ohio State University’s Hospitality Management Program will provide valuable insights for potential employers. As your future foodservice and hospitality workforce, they’ll share their top priorities in choosing a job, the skills and real-world experiences they bring to the table, why workplace culture matters, and what they hope to change about the industry as their careers take off.


Senior Editor
Restaurant Business, FoodService Director

Tuesday, October 10 11:00am – 12:00pm

Campus Dining Operations Tour

Embark on a college dining services tour, delving into a vibrant all-you-care-to-eat operation and a bustling retail location, both renowned for their high volume and diverse menus. Experience firsthand our innovative technological solutions, enhancing efficiency, food systems sustainability, and convenience through digital ordering systems and autonomous delivery. Journey behind the scenes into our culinary production kitchen, witnessing the creation of high-volume grab-and-go meals and sustainable practices. This tour offers a glimpse into the dynamic and varied world of college dining, showcasing culinary expertise and a commitment to an exceptional dining experience for the campus community.