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Jennifer Sims

Vice President, Human Resources
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Goldbergs Group

Jennifer Sims is an integral part of the human resources landscape within various sectors including aviation and food services, brings over a decade of experience to her new position at Goldbergs Group.

Before joining Goldbergs Group, Sims honed her skills at Mainline Aviation, where she served as Vice President of Human Resources, demonstrating her capacity to lead and
innovate within the HR domain. Her tenure at Aviation Food Services further solidified her expertise, particularly in areas such as human capital management, employer branding, and comprehensive HR solutions.

Sims’s notable contribution as the Human Resources Director at Goldbergs Group, coupled with her experience as a Human Resources Manager at Gate Gourmet and Tecta America South East, LLC., underscores her profound understanding of the intricacies of human resources within high-demand industries. Her bilingual proficiency and adeptness in various HR facets—from recruitment to training, and payroll management—speak volumes of her versatility and commitment to fostering a productive work environment.

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